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Zarah-Lina Cakes -> Deine Auftragskonditorei für Torten, Cake Pops, Cup Cakes sowie individuelle Tortenstecker.

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Achtung! Es kann zu Verzögerungen bei der Beantwortung eurer Nachrichten kommen, bitte fragt eure Torten rechtzeitig an.


Sonntags: : geschlossen / Ruhetag / Privat Time mit der Family :)

könnt ihr
Termine für Besprechungen buchen (über Zoom), hier auf der Webseite:

Dienstag - Samstags:
bearbeite ich eure Bestellungen in der Backstube (hier kann es zu Verzögerungen beim Antworten kommen, je nach Auftragslage.)

Bitte kommt nicht einfach vorbei zum besprechen, in den seltensten Fällen habe ich gerade dann Zeit, da ich mitten in der Produktion stecke oder noch Termine habe oder ggf. unterwegs bin, ich möchte für euch genug Zeit haben :)  Besprechungstermine  könnt ihr hier auf der Webseite buchen unter "Termine buchen"- kostenlos, Derzeit nur Onlinebesprechungen möglich.

                                                            Tortenanfragen für 2024:

Bitte Besprechungstermine hier buchen:

Für Waldhauskunden: Zoom

Probierboxen für eure Hochzeiten könnt ihr vorbestellen für alle Hochzeiten für 2024 im Shop.
Für 2024 sind keine Boxen mehr geplant.

Die nächsten Probierboxen vorraussichtlich Anfang 2025.
Probierboxen gibt es in den Zeiträumen  Jan-März zu ausgewählten Terminen im Shop auf Vorbestellung.


  • When should I order my cake from you?
    As early as possible, because I'm quickly fully booked in the summer months due to the weddings. So that I can plan and discuss your cake as best as possible, get in touch early. In the best case for a wedding between April - October already in the winter months before. Cakes for 2023 please book an appointment in January or February!
  • How expensive are your cakes?
    I can't give a general answer to that, it depends entirely on your cake wishes, size, decoration and also the flavors. Please book a meeting to discuss your desired cake, this can be done later via zoom or on site.
  • What size of cake do I need?
    You can find our tables with the different sizes and heights of our cakes under "cake information". A little hint: If you need the cake for the afternoon with your coffee, then you should count on normal-sized pieces. If the cake is only given as a surprise, or as a dessert or maybe at midnight at an event, then the small party pieces are enough, these are about half a piece of cake, because after a large menu or buffet hardly anyone eats large pieces of cake, but rather smaller pieces. Say one calculates with half or 2/3 of the number of people.
  • Why do you sometimes answer so late?
    I don't always answer the same, this is because I work completely alone, ie shopping, baking, decorating, making, cleaning, paperwork, Preliminary talks ? - its me :) Especially in the wedding season it can sometimes take longer, which is completely normal in our industry if you don't have a large team around, as we are now processing the orders that were discussed with the bridal couples in winter. Nobody sits in my office all day. I still try to be fair to everyone, but I'm only human and unfortunately the day only has 24 hours ;)
  • What is the best way to order my cake?
    If you still need advice or would like to discuss your cake personally, you can book an appointment for yourself under "Book appointments". If you already know exactly what you need for a cake, send me an email to< /u> or via Whatsapp to 04033423198 stating all the important information for the cake. - Desired size - Flavor - Decoration wishes - When will the cake be served from the time (so I can advise you better about the size. - Would you like to have your cake delivered (address and delivery period (here we need a time radius of at least 3 hours) (we only do this for larger cakes for an additional charge and by arrangement. There is no general right to delivery on our part. - For how many people should the cake be? - Notes that are important - Desired pick-up date and time (note our opening times). - If you have photos of the cake you would like, please send them along. - Remember to order in good time, preferably 3-4 weeks in advance. Please allow a few days for the first offer to be processed! Depending on the order situation and the season, this can take a few days. Alternatively book an appointment via the website and we will discuss the cake directly, you will then receive a price in the subsequent offer a few days later.



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